American Botanical Pharmacy

When I moved from San Diego to Los Angeles I was fortunate to start working for a temp agency that staffed with the American Botanical Pharmacy – Dr. Richard Schulze’s homeopathic healing facility in Marina Del Rey, CA.

While there I initially worked for the Executive Assistant to the VP. One of the tasks given was screening calls and I was given letters that had been sent to Dr. Schulze either praising his products or inquiring about health issues.

Dr. Schulze foundational is built in creating tinctures and other formula with advanced and amplified contents.

From his tinctures that are formulated in large copper kettles by mixing herbs in very large quantities, to digestive formula and a green superfood; all his formula were strong healing solutions based on his theory.

He wrote in his literature about healing and how pharmaceuticals were formulated in a strength that was not existent in homeopathy. For homeopathy to have the results seem by pharmaceuticals one needs to take much stronger formula. Be ready to manifest long term change in their habits and apply homeopathic solutions in the same way one pursues pharmaceuticals.

At the base of Dr. Schulze was his research on colon cleansing. He asserted that in his two clinics in Malibu, CA and NY, NY that out of all of his patients he saw almost instant results with his colon cleansing formula in over 90% of the cases. No matter what condition the person was suffering from; immediate results were obtained from colon cleansing.








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